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Please take note of the polices below:


  1. Food Handler’s Permit

  2. Quality merchandise.

  3. A well-maintained, safe area.    Courteous, friendly, staff

  4. An attractive and professional looking booth and display. The appearance of your booth is critical to the overall atmosphere of the audience’s perception of the event. We highly encourage imaginative booth designs, flags, banners, etc.


Booth fees are non‐refundable.
□ Food Vendor: (10’x10’ space) $300.00
□ Food Handlers Permit: $100.00


  1. Booths are selected based on the type and quality of the products you sell.

  2. We reserve the right to refuse anyone for whatever reason, and return fees.


  1. A single 10’x10’ space for your
    booth setup.

  2.  3 NON‐TRANSFERABLE vendor



Is based on when your application is
received and the type of product(s).


  • Vendors are prohibited from bringing glass bottles and selling alcoholic beverages.

  • All Vendors cooking must have one fire extinguisher per booth.

  • Please stay within the space you are assigned.

  • All equipment used in operating a booth during the event will be the responsibility of the vendor, including tables, chairs, lighting, maintaining and removing booth materials, leftoversand trash. Please leave your area as clean as it was when you arrived.

  • Bring your own extension cords, power strips, and lighting as needed. No propane lanterns allowed.


Please show up on time for load in or you will not be able to setup. You WILL NOT be able to set up before the time listed below! Booth must be completely set up, open & ready for business when the gates open at 12 noon, remain set up and open until the last performance finishes and the crowd leaves. No early breakdown or late setup will be allowed. No exceptions!!!


Saturday: All vendors must unload between 9:00am to 11:00 am. Access to the venue starts at 9:00 a.m. on event day. All vehicles must be off street by 11:00 a.m. and parked in the designated area if you are in possession of a parking pass for that vehicle. There is no additional parking available for extra cars, which may belong to vendors. During the festival’s hours: All paid and accepted vendors agree to operate and adequately staff a booth during the festival hours of: 12 noon until 7:00pm.



  • Absolutely NO open fire is allowed.

  • Positively NO weapons of any kind will be allowed on the premises.

  • No sharing of booths will be permitted. All vendor booths must be reserved in advance. No booth will be held without payment. Assignment of vendor space will be at producer’s discretion and the vendor must exhibit within the space provided (10 by 10).

  • A vendor may cancel this agreement upon written notification to the producer with 2 weeks advance notice.

  • The vendor agrees to hold blameless Braata Productions & York College, its employees, officials and principals and expressly releases it from all liability from loss or damage caused to personsor property for any cause whatsoever. Vendors shall indemnify Braata Productions against all liability or expenses arising out of any claim or injury, damage to any person or property, together with all costs in connection with the defense hereto, including attorney’s fees.

  • Load in begins at 9am. No vendor will be allowed to set up before this time. No items may be left unattended. All vendors must remain open during the event hours. Packing, clearing and disassembling of booth and surrounding area should not begin until the close of the event at 7pm. Vendors are required to clean up their space after the event. Vendors leaving garbage in their area will be assessed a $50 fine.

Mail copy of Food Handlers permit and check/money order to:
Braata Productions 118-05 200th Street, Saint Albans, NY 11412
Please submit on or before the June 3, 2019 DEADLINE to ensure space.
CONTACT: 917-668-2209

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