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What the Festival is All About

The annual Bankra Caribbean Folk Festival in Queens, New York, has evolved as a major event, attracting many ethnicities and key demographics. It is the mission of the Festival to raise the standard for the presentation of Folk Culture of the islands and to work with other organizations in promoting this uniquely Caribbean Cultural form, maintaining and protecting its authenticity globally. 


Bankra Caribbean Folk Festival features traditional folk forms, and experiences from the different Caribbean territories. There are 3 major components to the festival:


(1) The Stalls/Island Baskets

(2) The Cultural Performances

(3) Pop Up Cultural Exhibit


These three (3) components set the Bankra Caribbean Folk Festival a part from other Festivals or other concerts featuring popular recording artistes. This event is dedicated to Folk forms and Folk culture, it stimulates nostalgia for those who grew up with it, provide learning opportunities for others who had no knowledge of it, and will help reestablish the importance, and relevance of Folk as a viable, vibrant contributor to the Caribbean brand.

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